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Velo Club G28 - Final



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The Avenida 7 is Ridgeback's range-topping, open frame design city bike - the perfect low maintenance way to get around town with a smile. Fully equipped, the Avenida 7 features self-powered hub dynamo lights, mudguards to keep road spray at bay and a rear rack, which can be fitted with pannier bags - meaning no more sweaty rucksacks. A chain case protects trouser legs from oil marks and the durable tyres are designed to minimise the risk of punctures from road debris. The internal hub gear gives a clean look, does away with the need for the user to lubricate the chain in the short term and removes the need medium-term maintenance, making for easy ownership. The seven gears are activated by an easy to operate twist-shifter, with the range designed with urban, suburban and village use in mind, allowing you to spin easily up moderate gradients. Comfort is also paramount, as the Avenida boasts ergonomic handlebar grips, a high level of seat padding and a suspension seatpost to take out any jarring bumps. The bike also features an adjustable stem, allowing you to customise your handlebar position for a relaxed and stress-free ride. Weight - 15.7kg

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