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BIKE RB X2 Open Frame MD

BIKE RB X2 Open Frame MD

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The Rideback X2 is an E-bike that allows you to discover town and country - all without breaking a sweat! This model has an open-frame design, making it easy to step onto the bike and take a seat in complete comfort. The powerful Shimano STEPS E5000 drive unit offers 250-watts of pedalling assistance, perfect for making every climb a breeze. Assistance continues all the way up to 25km/h, meaning you'll quickly cover distance across all terrains. The large battery gives range excellent range too, allowing you to travel up to 150km in Eco mode. That's plenty for a mid-range daily commute, or even longer weekend rides before an overnight recharge to top-up the battery, ready for your next trip. With a suspension fork and seatpost, and wide all-terrain tyres the X2 is a bike that is as capable off-road as it is on, allowing you to explore gravel tracks and forest trails. The microSHIFT 9-speed drivetrain is smooth and reliable on and off-road, with the hydraulic disc brakes providing powerful stopping in all conditions.

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